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Building a Fairer Economy with Worker‑Owned Cooperatives and Employee‑Owned Businesses

In our community, we believe in the power of cooperative and democratic models of business. Worker-Owned Cooperatives and Employee-Owned Businesses embody this belief, empowering individuals and communities by fostering a fairer local economy and promoting social value.

  • Worker-Owned Cooperatives

    Worker-owned cooperatives are democratically controlled organisations jointly owned and managed by their employees. This model empowers individuals, improving job security, working conditions, innovation, and employees' commitment to their work.

  • What are Employee-Owned Businesses?

    In Employee-Owned Businesses, employees hold a stake, either directly or through a trust. This means they have a say in key decisions and benefit directly from the company's success. Employee-Owned Businesses can be more resilient, and often show increased productivity and innovation due to the vested interest of the employees.

  • Support from South Ribble Council

    If you're a South Ribble resident or business interested in starting or converting to a worker-owned cooperative or an employee-owned business, the Council offers support, including training, funding, assistance with finding suitable premises, digital support, and general guidance.

  • Worker-Owned Cooperatives: Further Information
    • Co-operatives UK: This is the central organisation for the cooperative movement in the UK. It provides resources and support for cooperatives.
    • Facts and figures | ICA: This page provides key statistics and facts about cooperatives globally.
    • Seeds for Change: This network provides resources and training to cooperatives and other groups working towards social change. They have a range of resources on setting up and running cooperatives.
    • Financial Literacy for co-ops - Seeds for Change: This guide provides financial advice specifically for cooperatives, including budgeting, accounting, and planning for financial sustainability.
  • Employee-Owned Businesses: Further Information
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