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A fair economy that works for everyone

We believe institutions need to use public procurement as a tool to deliver wider economic, social and environmental benefits and have implemented a Social Value Policy (PDF) outlining how we will deliver this through our procurement process.

South Ribble Borough Council have developed this social value toolkit which aims to support businesses to deliver wider community benefits as part of their activities in the borough.

We are working collaboratively with Chorley Borough Council under our Shared Services arrangements and with a wider group of Preston and Lancashire practitioners to share best practice and develop change.

For further information please see the below link:

We have developed a miniature version of our Social Value Toolkit, please use this toolkit to see how you can make a difference in the local community.

Social Value in South Ribble

Local businesses and charities across South Ribble are making a difference in our community. Please click here to see Social Value in Action.

Community Wealth Building

Info Community Wealth

Interested in a Fair and Sustainable Future for your Business?

Learn about support for Worker-Cooperative and Employee Ownership models.

We're looking to support entrepreneurs seeking more than financial gain - those also wanting to positively impact their employees and community. Employee ownership and worker-owned co-operatives boost productivity, innovation, wellbeing, and job security. Whether you're launching a new start-up or planning a sustainable transition for your established business, we're ready to help you consider all of the options for your business model.

Learn More About Support for Worker-Co-operatives and Employee Owned Businesses

How to start a co-op

Co-op UK have published a step by step guide to help you start a co-op.

Once you have developed a plan to start your new co-operative you can apply for additional business support to help you get off the ground!

You can also convert your existing business to a co-operative, which could open new opportunities for yourself and employees.

Please see the link below for more information:

Setting up a social enterprise.

You must choose a business structure if you’re starting a business that helps people or communities (a ‘social enterprise’). Please see the GOV website for guidance on setting up a business that has social, charitable or community-based objectives.

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