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Are you an employer looking to recruit?

The Apprentice Factory offers your business impartial advice and support in finding the best solutions for skills and workforce development needs. We can help with recruitment support, local labour market information and guidance on affordable training options for your workforce. Let us save you time by connecting you directly with the right provider.

Developing tomorrows workforce today……


The Apprentice Factory will offer your business bespoke support to help you to upskill and develop your employees to meet the current and future skills needs of your business in a complex and rapidly changing world.

We can:

  • Help you to find the right apprenticeships for your business.
  • Support you to meet your workforce skills needs by discussing and researching the best training solutions for your business,connecting you directly with the right providers.
  • Promote your business skills needs to young people in schools, who are planning their future careers, inspiring them to apply to your business for employment.
  • Link your business with digital training opportunities, enabling your workforce to acquire the skills to become digitally connected.
  • Support your talent acquisition through recruitment events and promotion.
  • Help simplify the process of managing an apprenticeship through the Governments digital account system.
  • Help you to navigate through multiple training offers by providing one-stop advice, bespoke to your business needs.
  • Identify and help you access any financial support available from the Government.
  • Connect you with leadership and management training to enable you to lead, inspire and nurture your workforce.
  • Benefit your business by saving your time, making the right contacts, simplifying the processes and helping you recruit apprentices who are right for your business.

Talk to us and let us take the work out of meeting your skills needs.

Thinking of recruiting an Apprentice?

Incentive payments for hiring a new apprentice 

Employers and training providers could be eligible for £1,000 each if they hire an eligible apprentice.

Find out more by clicking here

Lancashire Apprenticeship Service

Apprenticeships are an opportunity to train people and they are open to all organisations. Whether you are recruiting new talent or developing your existing staff, Apprenticeships help to build the knowledge, skills and behaviours your team needs to succeed. To find out more click here. The Lancashire apprenticeship services is an institute for apprenticeships and technical education by helping business identify the best programs for their organisation. Click here to find out more. 

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